Hopkins House Bakery
2727 Main Street, Brewster, MA
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About Us

Heather Baxter, Baker and Owner

It all began with a love for baking.  I began my career working for a bakery in Chatham, Massachusetts.  I then received my hotel and restaurant management degree from Cape Cod Community College and studied a semester in England at Ealing College in their pastry program.  Through these early baking experiences, I found I had a natural aptitude for the science of baking, and so I headed to the Culinary Institute of America in Hyde Park, New York, earning a pastry and baking degree. 

My education was only the beginning!  After deciding to add the bakery to my mother's Americana Gift Shop, the investigation into buying the equipment for kitchen was the next hurdle.  I had to design a commercial kitchen within the confines of a 1900's kitchen in a 300 year old home.  After trying thousands of recipes, using millions of pounds of ingredients, working in a 100 degree kitchen and working endless eighteen hour days, you find you really have to love what you do!  Everything from scratch takes the ultimate commitment in organization, timing, and creativity.  The long solitary hours baking, while the rest of the world sleeps, finds me rolling out another batch of sticky buns, knowing there will be a long line of customers on Saturday morning waiting for them.
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